Why Surface Preparation Is Important Before An Interior Painting Job

Usually you don’t need to paint your interior too often but when the time comes for a new paint job, you better know, if it is done right, it will last. You might assume that painting the interior of your house just consists of purchasing the best paint available in the market and applying multiple coats.

To be honest, the success of your interior paint job relies on how well you have prepared your surface. Steve Johnson’s Painting Service, your Orlando painting expert wants to help you avoid this problem.

What’s surface preparation?

Surface prep is just what it sounds like. It is preparing a surface for painting – cleaning, scraping, repairing and sanding your surface before a paint job. It also involves applying a quality primer.

Interior House Painters Orlando

Why should you prepare your surface before the painting job?

Adhesion: Paint adhesion is the major concern when it comes to interior painting. This is the foremost reason why surface preparation is critical. Surface preparation provides you with a surface that’s clean, repaired and sturdy – the ideal foundation to bond with your paint.

Surface & stain cleaning: Surfaces that are primed & sealed will have a smooth appearance that mayn’t have been there before. This’ll help the area to be painted to have a more even immersion rate, letting your paint dry with a more uniformed appearance. This aids the colour & shine of your paint to come through more easily.

Durability: All these aforementioned actions help make your paint more durable. Not to say a well-prepared surface prolongs the life of your paint. Eventually this will be a big money saver. Good-quality paint can be costly. If the job is done right from the very first attempt, and done to last, that is less money you’ve to spend on paint.

Aesthetics: It is not required to say that the best looking paint job is the one that has been well prepared. Once the paint has dried out, improperly done repairs & uneven surfaces are quite visible. 


As you can see surface preparation can make or break your interior painting job. Making certain it is done right can help to make sure that your invested money and time are worth it.

Call Steve Johnson’s Painting Service now if you are looking for the best Interior House Painters Orlando! We will take care of every minute detail of the preparation and then carry on to give you the paint adhesion job of your dreams.

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